Top Karaoke Spots in Prague

Sometimes, dancing at the club isn’t enough. You just have to sing. It’s tough to compete with the audio on the dancefloor. After all, you’ve been practicing in the shower for years and it’s time for an audience. Prague is a city full of variety, so of course there’s a ton of options if you’re looking to have a few drinks and then channel your inner Mariah Carey.Get your set list ready and do some vocal warm ups; we’ve got  three karaoke bar options for you with unique vibes that are suited for every mood and occasion.

  • BER.LIN Bar Cocktails & Karaoke: Located near the I.P. Pavlova station in a compact and unassuming spot, the fun energy of BER.LIN Bar Cocktails & Karaoke is infectious. This bar offers excellent drinks and a song list that seems endless. Take the stage alone or with your friends. If you choose the right song, the whole bar just might sing along with you.
  • Soprano Prague: This is a great bar to go to if you want to sing, relax, and smoke hookah with your friends. Soprano Prague offers a wide variety of drinks and a song list that is certain to have all the karaoke classics. Add this bar to your itinerary on your night out. Soprano Prague is conveniently located in Old Town; so there are plenty of spots to drink at afterwards if you fail to hit all the high notes.
  • DeLuxe Club Karaoke and Shisha Bar: The swanky interior of this karaoke club will help you fully imagine your superstar alter ego. Situated near the Vodičkova tram stop in New Town, DeLuxe Club Karaoke and Shisha Bar will transport you to an alternate universe where you are a pop star. Make sure you show up dressed for the part.

Need a few drinks to work up the courage to get on stage? Join the MADPRG Pub crawl on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday and pregame before you sing. The pub crawl meets at the Recovery Room at 20:30 and will take you to the best pubs in town. You also might meet some great backup vocalists to help you shine when you’re ready to perform. Who knows, with some karaoke practice, maybe you’ll even be selected for Eurovision next year. 🍻🎙️