Please check your e-mail inbox thoroughly. It is possible the confirmation email fell into a spam folder, or the ‘promotions’ folder if you are using Gmail.

Still cannot find it? Just send us an e-mail at [email protected] that includes the name of the event and your full name. Make sure you send the email from the same email you used when purchasing the tickets.

The venue can be found on the website in the “PARTIES” column. Each event has its own page, where the exact location can be found.

For a table reservation please contact us through our Table Reservation form on the website. More information will be given by email according to the event.

Our return policy does not allow for all purchased tickets to be refunded unless otherwise stated for a particular action. For reference, the policy can be found here.

The ticket itself is a QR / barcode that you have received in your e-mail. It is unique for each ticket. At the entrance, you can either show it on your phone or the print out of the PDF attached to the e-mail.

Contact us through email at [email protected] or through Instagram @madprg. If the possibility exists, we will gladly change your reservation.

Please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or through Instagram @madprg before taking any further action. If your card was declined, it is possible your bank doesn’t allow online payments; if that is the case please contact your bank.

Promotional and discount codes are redeemed at checkout. The discount can be retrieved by signing up for our newsletter. Otherwise, we provide discounts on special occasions.

For questions not found in this section, contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or through Instagram @madprg.

MAD PRAGUE connects locals, expats, Erasmus, international students,
and tourists from all over the world.

We do that by organising the best parties every night at Prague’s top clubs!
The idea is simple – We are all in Prague, why not enjoy it together?