Themed Bars

The 3 Best Themed Bars in Prague

Are you craving an immersive experience the next time you go out drinking in Prague? Try out a themed bar. Since there’s so many excellent options in Prague, bar owners have to get creative if they want to stand out among the rest. These bars have curated menus and atmospheres that make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. With every theme from horror to therapy, there’s something for everyone. 🕺

  • NIGHTMARE Horror Bar: Spooky season is year round at NIGHTMARE Horror Bar. Located in Malá Strana, this bar is a popular choice for horror enthusiasts. NIGHTMARE Horror Bar has a full menu of horror themed drinks and decor that features horror movie favorites. Relax, find a seat next to Freddy Kruegar, order a Bloody Friday, and enjoy the wretched ambiance. 👻🍹
  • Anonymous Shrink’s Office: Feel like you need therapy after visiting NIGHTMARE Horror Bar, but you’d rather keep the party going? Head over to Anonymous Shrink’s Office in Nové Mêsto. The bar was inspired by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach’s infamous ink blot Rorschach test. You won’t find your usual cocktail menu here. Your cocktail choice is determined by which ink blot you choose; so choose wisely. This is a truly unique drinking experience that you can’t miss during your visit to Prague. 🌟🍺
  • The Alchemist Bar: This bar in Staré Mesto doesn’t just serve drinks; it serves magic and mystery. The menu at The Alchemist Bar is inspired by the alchemist who is said to have been the former resident of the building. It’s a perfect place to drink if you’ve spent the day exploring some of Prague’s historical sights, and you want to feel like you’ve been transported back in time. If you’re looking for an extra thrill, you can play the bar’s choose your fate game and see where the night takes you. 🧙🍻

Think outside of the box the next time you plan to go out and party. Each one of these bars is guaranteed to make your night memorable. Your friends and Instagram feed will thank you.